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Blog update

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In the past few days I've made some changes — some immediately noticeable, some less so — to the blog. Why not have a look at them?

I've been writing another, more substantial and much larger article for quite some time. I initially wanted to publish it in December, then January, then March, but getting it into a shape I'm comfortable with takes much more time and effort than I anticipated. Sorry about that.

The big, immediately noticeable change is that the main page is no longer a copy of the latest article. I've changed it to the tried and true format of using the introductory section of the last several articles, where "several" is defined here as five.

With that change, the need for displaying an article permalink in the header vanished: since pages aren't getting copied anymore, there's no need for an explicit, unambiguous, canonical link to an article. The address the browser displays when you read an article is now the canonical link, putting one in the article header as well would just be superfluous.

While the other changes are minor and not as readily — if at all — noticeable to most readers, they still warrant coverage, in their own subsections.

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